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GT OmniPort’s Infrastructure is unmatched.

The Site infrastructure includes:

  • UP/BNSF Rail Lines
  • 8 miles of Rail Landing and Storage Tracks
  • 42’ Draft Vessel connectivity via 4 vessel docks
  • 40MM GPD Fresh Water Supply
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • 50 MW Substation (planned)
  • TX Dot Highway
  • Hurricane Protection Levee

Regional Infrastructure

  • Cross Continental Product Pipelines
  • Cross Continental Crude Pipelines
  • Two Million Barrels of Refining Capacity
  • North America’s Largest Hub of LNG Liquefaction Capacity
  • Multiple Petrochemical Plants
  • Regional Crude Pipelines
  • Regional Product Pipelines
  • 200+ MM Barrels of Crude Storage Capacity at Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • 40MM Barrels of Product Storage Capacity
Prime Rail and Barge Served Light and Heavy Industrial Facility 600+ Acre Tracts Available — All or in Part Port Arthur, Texas