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Pipeline Infrastructure Surrounding OmniPort Presents Attractive Connectivity Options

Given the size and scope of the Port Arthur refining complex, OmniPort is situated in close proximity to a vast network of existing pipeline infrastructure.  There are a number of large regional and national pipelines in close proximity to OmniPort, including the CHOPS, Colonial, Explorer Seaway and HO-HO pipelines, with total capacity of approximately 3.8 MMBbls/d. OmniPort is easily connected via pipeline to the Valero Refinery, TOTAL Refinery, Motiva Refinery, Colonial’s PAPs Terminal, and Seaway Pipeline.


Interstate Pipelines
Pipeline Proximity to GT OmniPort Capacity


CHOPS Adjacent 500 Crude
Colonial 1.5 miles 2,300 Product
Explorer 2.5 miles 720 Product
Ho-Ho 3.5 miles 300 Crude
Local Pipelines
Pipeline Proximity to GT OmniPort Diameter   (Inches) Type
Valero Outbound Adjacent 12.75 Crude/Product
Air Liquide Adjacent 6.00 Hydrogen
Air Liquide Adjacent 6.00 Oxygen
Flint Hills Outbound Onsite 6.00 Product
Air Liquide Onsite 6.00 Nitrogen
Idle Valero Pipelines 0.5 miles 30.00 Crude/Product
Valero Pipeline 0.5 miles 30.00 Crude/Product


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