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GT OmniPort’s Operating Partner GT Logistics offers buyers immediate access to world markets

GT Logistics’ existing crude transloading facilities, storage assets and Barge Terminal enable it to receive railed liquids and bulk materials from the continental US and western Canada and distribute it to nearby Port Arthur and Gulf Coast refineries.  Development of its deepwater dock location (the “Deepwater Dock”) will provide additional opportunities to export the increasing supply of refined products and other items such as sulfur, soda ash or coal.

Rail Transloading

  • Capacity of 100,000 Bbls/d Permitted
  • Capacity of 158,000 Bbls/d Operational
  • Significant rail unloading capacity allows offtake to Barge Terminal and onsite storage.
  • 18 car unloading stations capable of receiving up to 160 cars at one time; ability to turn a 130 car train within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Twin 16” pipelines providing connectivity to GT OmniPort’s Barge Terminal.
  • Storage tracks capable of storing up to 325 rail cars.
  • Two locomotives onsite; functions as its own railroad with FRA-certified engineers and conductors.
  • Direct access to Union Pacific (“UP”) and BNSF.
  • Accessible to Highways 73 & 82.
  • Accessible to Taylor Bayou.

Crude Storage

  • Capacity of 180,000 Bbls/d
  • Four newly constructed 55,000 barrel internal floating roof storage tanks onsite.
  • Tanks outfitted with mixing capacities.
  • Pipeline connectivity to GT OmniPort’s Rail Facility and Barge Terminal.
  • Expansion plans in place to increase onsite storage capacity.

Barge Terminal

  • Capacity of 100,000 Bbls/d
  • 2,500 feet of barge frontage on Taylor’s Bayou, directly adjacent to GT OmniPort’s crude transloading operations.
  • Operational pipeline connectivity to GT OmniPort’s transloading operations.
  • Capable of liquids loading and unloading from four barges at once.
  • Barge terminal permitted for 24/7 operations.
  • 1.5 miles from ICW.

Deepwater Dock

  • The Deepwater Dock will have a capacity of 300,000 Bbls/d once completed.
  • Approximately 30 acres along the Sabine Neches waterway with over 3,000 feet of frontage, 879 feet of bulkhead and 1,754 feet of rip-rap.
  • Waterway is currently 42 feet deep with a planned dredging to 45 feet by the Corp of Engineers.
  • Planned pipeline connectivity to GT OmniPort will facilitate large scale exporting of refined products or importing crude for nearby refineries.
Prime Rail and Barge Served Light and Heavy Industrial Facility 600+ Acre Tracts Available — All or in Part Port Arthur, Texas