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Logistics (Rail)

Rail Transloading Services

OmniPort’s operating partner (GTL) offers crude and product transloading operations with a current capacity of 100,000 barrels per day and operational capacity of 158,000 barrels per day.  The railcar unloading dock is an 18 station system, which is connected to twin 16” pipelines that runs to the storage tanks or directly to the Barge Terminal.  OmniPort can receive up to 160 cars simultaneously and has the capability to unload and release trains of up to 130 cars within 24 hours.  The system can handle a heavier crude slate than many other rail unloading terminals and is capable of pumping crudes ranging from 10° to 55°.

Key Attributes:

Permitted Transloading Capacity 100,000 Bbls/d
Operational Transloading Capacity 158,000 Bbls/d
Rail Unloading Rack 18 Station System
Unloading Station Capacity 160 Cars
API Gravity Capability 8° – 55°
Prime Rail and Barge Served Light and Heavy Industrial Facility 600+ Acre Tracts Available — All or in Part Port Arthur, Texas