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Heavy Industry

OmniPort Is Located Within 2 Miles Of Nearly 1 Million Bbls/d Of Refining Capacity

OmniPort is situated in the heart of the Port Arthur Petrochemical Complex.  With the completion of its 325 MBbls/d expansion in May 2012, Motiva’s Port Arthur Refinery (the “Motiva Refinery”) is now the largest refinery in the U.S.  The Valero Port Arthur Refinery (the “Valero Refinery”) and the Total Port Arthur Refinery (the “Total Refinery”) have refining capacities of 310 MBbls/d and 174 MBbls/d, respectively. Additionally, other facilities such as Flint Hills’ Port Arthur Chemical Plant, Chevron Phillips’ Chemical Plant and Colonial Pipelines Port Arthur Products Station (“PAPS”) are in close proximity to OmniPort.

GT OmniPort is ideal for the location of a petrochemical facility that would utilize refinery derived feed stocks.   The TCEQ has granted GT OmniPort a single source petition.  This exemption will expedite permitting of any facilities located on GT OmniPort property.

Port Arthur and Beaumont Refineries

Refinery Distance from GT OmniPort Capacity
Complexity Coke Capacity
Imported Crude
Valero 0.5 miles 310 11.7 100 90
Motiva 0.5 miles 600 9.6 95 26
Total SA 8 miles 174 19.5 48 74
ExxonMobil 20 miles 365 13.0 46 67
Total   1,449 N/A 289 61


Flint Hills Port Arthur Ethylene Production: 1.4 B Lbs/Yr
Chemical Plant Propylene Production: 7MM Lbs/Yr
Shell Port Arthur Products Station Storage Capacity: 4 MMBbls
Chevron Phillips Chemical Plant Products ethylene, propylene, and cyclohexane
Prime Rail and Barge Served Light and Heavy Industrial Facility 600+ Acre Tracts Available — All or in Part Port Arthur, Texas