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Rail Served Warehouses

GT OmniPort’s master plan includes construction of over 1,500,000 sf of rail served warehouses. The concrete tilt wall warehouses will be ideally suited for packaging and distribution of products produced by area refiners and petrochemical plants. Warehouses will be served directly by rail, truck and pipeline. In addition products can be delivered as bulk liquid and bulk solid by barge and vessel.

The master plan has the main entrance of the development flanked by three to four warehouses which can be built to suite individual needs. Current designs include two 350,000 sf warehouses and two 650,000 sf warehouses.

Golden Triangle Properties is interested in direct land sales; build to suite and sale, and build to suite for long term lease.



Prime Rail and Barge Served Light and Heavy Industrial Facility 600+ Acre Tracts Available — All or in Part Port Arthur, Texas